Imagine working in an office space with themes of ‘forest, beach and city streets’ that ‘beg to be discovered’, whilst at the same time having space to interact and independent areas that allow you to keep your identity… sounds nice doesn’t it? Well Google’s Kuala Lumpur office has hundreds of people enjoying this sense of beautiful ‘community’ every day!

Wouldn’t we all be more effective at our jobs if our environment was a little more aesthetically pleasing? If you are slightly tired of your slightly tired surroundings, indulge in our list of top office interior designers.

We are not saying that you should suddenly tell your boss that you want an eclectic mix of old and new, with the inside-outside and the outside upside-down, but perhaps you can dream a little

The site has lots of different ‘collections’ on it, so if you have a small office or want some ideas about a quiet area or meeting room, you can look directly at some of the super cool ideas listed.