Are you one of the many individuals who constantly think about space in terms of the immediate environment that’s around you? For example, take a moment to imagine that you are living in an area that is completely surrounded by trees. Would all of the sounds of things like rustling leaves and the scents of the natural wooded area make you feel completely relaxed?

How would you feel by simply looking at your surroundings? Well, there is one common answer to all of these questions. That answer would be both your blood pressure and heartbeat would slow down considerably thanks to the overall senses of peace and wonder that you would likely feel.

No matter what time of day it may be, we are constantly involved in physical dialogue with all of the spaces that are around us. These same spaces also directly influence not just our creative performance, but also our psychological well-being as well. So essentially, the spaces that we occupy definitely possess the ability to mentally and physically change how we behave and who we are in general. Furthermore, the fact that we can spend vast amounts of time working in these spaces means that we should do everything within our power to obtain maximum benefit from them by optimizing them as best as we can.