The architecture and design of a workplace is the foundation to productivity and work quality. Our mood, along with our physical and mental wellbeing, is impacted by several external factors.  More progressive employers and organizations such as the International WELL Building Institute understand employees work better when their office environment supports a healthier lifestyle. Several companies recognize this need, and are providing snacks, discounts on gym memberships, and even regular retreats to spend time outside. Creating more space for windows and adjustable work stations like standing desks is also a great first step, but accounting for the time spent indoors under artificial lighting is key – and often overlooked – when making substantial improvements to workplace productivity.

With most of our lives spent indoors, incorporating circadian lighting not only offers a viable alternative to natural light, but also positively impacts the overall health and happiness in an office. The next time you’re renovating, redesigning, or moving your office, consider lighting as an integral part of that change.

We make sure that we incorporate perfect lightning conditions in interiors to impact overall health & happiness in the office.