Some of the office designs we have already talked about, you can promote cultural differences through office decorating. Encourage your other office workers to bring in aspects of their culture and make the cubicles or office space a place where diverse cultures are represented. This only makes sense if you have a genuinely different office staff, but if you do, there are some inexpensive ways to implement it. You can use the printed paneling from the previous entry to decorate your walls and cubicles. Workers can also bring in cultural objects, such as records, handmade goods, scented candles and other paraphernalia that evokes their culture. You can use things that people already have or encourage them to go out a buy some small items that promote and showcase their culture. This splits up the budget and lets you do more with what you have.

These are just a few ideas for redesigning and changing up your office space. Whether you are decorating your own office or a larger space shared by multiple workers, you can implement these ideas in a variety of ways. We have just given you the start of a few ideas you can work with, and these are all ideas that you can take so much further. Just make sure that the office supervisors and your employers are okay with any changes you want to implement before you put them into place.