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Expert interior decorators in Mumbai make your place beautiful

Interior design termed as a part of environmental design closely related to the architecture of human-made places. An interior decorator plans for a healthy and pleasant environment. The interior decorators in Mumbai create a more aesthetically pleasing environment and execute your dream into reality.

Difference between an Interior decorator and an Interior designer:

An interior decorator does not make an interior place rather they decorate those places which already exist. Interior decorator roles to paint walls with appropriate colours, place furniture, add accessories etc. but they do not change the space layout structurally. They can design a work at the initial stage or also renovate the existing structure.

An interior designer creates space according to the purpose. They solve structural living problems and make ideas to live in a small position.

Types of interior decorators:

Interior decorators are of many types.

Residential-It is the design of a residential area or private place. This type of designs is very specific according to the customer and situation.

Commercial- Interior decoration is widely used for commercial purposes like hospitals, corporates, healthcare, exhibitions, industries, retails, sports, laboratories and so on.

Other purposes- Apart from these places, interior decoration also used in weddings, museums, parks, baby showers, and other various events.

Latest interior designs:

Terracotta- Terracotta design is appropriate with balcony or garden area or outdoor seating.
Offbeat lighting- It is the latest interior trends used in floor lamps or chandeliers.
Geo metrics- Bold geometric wallpaper looks so beautiful in curtains and rugs.
Greenery- This type is now highly demanding because it is nature-friendly and eye soothing.
Pillows- Bright colour pillows look so gorgeous in sofa sets.
Antique- Antique designs and furniture are used for traditional decoration.
Cozy area- This place is most important who need a relax, meditate gateway.
Natural materials- the Wooden floor is the latest design that creates a unique look of the house.

Decoration means furnishing a place with beautiful things. Interior decorators in Mumbai use their skills to make your living place or office interior more creative.


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