Hospitality Design

The designs used for the hospitality industry is much more crucial and instrumental than it seems. Not everyone has the ability to create the perfect designs suitable for the Hospitality Industry. Tejaswi Interior is here to take care of all your designs for Hospitality Applications. Our pool of best interior decorators are here to take on your project for Hospitality Design. Our capabilities in Hospitality Design is a crucial factor as to why we are one of the best interior design companies.

Commercial Space

Commercial Space is also a great forte for our designers and product managers. To attract alluringly your customers, you need to stay on top of your game. Are you looking for an interior design company to create the best decor and design use for your commercial space, hit us up with a text or mail. Our top interior designers are ready to take on your product. When it comes to decor and designing for commercial space, our interior designers are what makes us the best interior design companies.

Corporate Office Design

To ace the designs for your corporate applications, the people are allowed to make the best impression in front of employees and prospective clients. We help you do just that. To come across as a capable and efficient company or professionals, your corporate office design must be perfect. Tap in Tejaswi interiors for your corporate office renovation, since we are the top interior design companies. Not only this, our pool of best interior designers and project managers too give us an edge.

Residential Designs

Residential Designs are again something which calls for a huge amount of considerations. However, our team is able to create the best of residential designs.

Living in a home well-furnished and well-planned has always been a top priority for people around the world. Not only does it creates an impression on your guests, but it also allows you to have the perfect experience in your home. Sign up with our best interior designers experienced in residential interior design and see your renovation go through in the best possible way. The perfect residential design is very important to live happily in your own home.

Institution Designs

To create a great environment and impression among the people to visit your institutions, it is ardently important to have the best interior designs and decor. Our team helps you to achieve the best goals out of your decoration efforts.

As one of the best interior design companies, we make it a point to provide our customers with best institution design.

Retail Design

Creating the best of retail designs is of utmost importance when it comes to the designs of a store or a supermarket. Not every retail store is able to ace the game of interior designing in their stores. Our team makes sure that you do.

Our best interior designers and decorators are what makes us the leading company in Retail Design and the decor.

For New Design

We have more than 1000+ designs for your office, you can choose or ask for new designs.

Starts $1,450/Sq.ft onwards

*Full responsibility from until final execution.

For Build a Project

After the confirmation our designing team will design & Completed more than your expectation.

Starts $2,250/Sq.ft onwards

*Full responsibility from until final execution.

For Renovation Work

We taking renovation works also, we will done with more satisfaction and less bugjet.

Starts $850/Sq.ft onwards

*Full responsibility from until final execution.

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