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About Tejaswi Interiors

Tejaswi Interiors uses the cutting edge processes and procedures to successfully implement the best designs and aesthetics for your home decors and architectural designs.

Understanding the client and their requirements - Our top most goal is to deliver the best product possible and designs that people die to witness. Not only this, all the product managers and project leaders are trained to keep a check on whether or not the client is happy. The products that make our clients happy are the only products which make our team and managers satisfied. Following this, we strive to understand the requirements of the clients and make sure that the products we make are beyond the expectations of each and every team member of even our clientele. Seeing the world through the eyes of our clients is an instrumental part of this process. Not only this, it is important for our people to completely understand the requirements of clients and make sure that the final product is more than what the client expected us to make.


William Shocks,

CEO & Founder

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Our Mission

Tejaswi aims at providing a stupendous experience to all our clients in interior designing, home decoration and workspace renovation.

We want the experience of getting your home or office redesigned an exhilarating experience.

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Our Vision

Tejaswi strives to make the industry of interior designing and home decoration an eco-friendly and customer-centered industry which makes it possible for us to constantly innovate in the field of interior designing and office space decoration.

Our Process

Establishing a Common Narrative -
The narrative based on which the final design is being crafted is of utmost importance since it takes more than just instructions to create the world's most beautiful interior design and home decor, it requires a mutual sharing of how two people involved in the product design envision it. This part is crucial because this is the part where the goals are set. This is where the designer finally decides what you actually want. It is only after a successful second step, is that the designer makes plans.

Space Planning -
The space planning is pivotally important since it creates the best of the products that are able to create best impression on the visitors and guests. Not only this, the whole point of people being truly hypnotized by your interior design and home decor is just a step away from this step. After the people tend to create things that the people love, it is only after this that the very purpose of the building, room or any infrastructure is fulfilled.

Interior Architecture -
In this part of interior designing, the people are made to create the best of the purposes since it gets the credit in the world. Now, it is important because only when you know each and every detail of all the parts in a room, that you can truly create good designs for a product. In this part, the already present artefacts, or any elements for that matter are taken into account since it makes more sense for the people when they can relate the design to the rooms itself. Not only this, it makes the design even better.

Architectural Detailing -
Once the architectural detailing is carried out successfully, the people are made responsible for forming plans about the furniture designs and designs regarding each and everything related to work. Now that the people have finalized what kind of designs the furniture and other interior design items must have, the next step is to make things simpler by the creation of products in the right direction by people.

Buying, Ordering and Commission the production of furnishing items - The team members at Tejaswi Interiors are now supposed to execute the plans they laid out in the previous steps. It creates a great impression for the people to get things done since it means that all the great designs will be making it to the reality. And the whole planning, research and procurement work hinges totally on this very step.

Why choose Tejaswi Interior

Personal Touch:

Our team of professional designers and managers make sure that your surroundings are as alluring as your heart and soul. We believe that a great design on your walls has a profound impact on the quality of your life and work.

Pin Point solution

Our team works relentlessly to find out what you want with the designs. Not only this, it is a top priority for our team members to figure out what exactly do you need, and what you don't. There's just no compromise with the happiness quotient of our valuable customers

Creative Designers:

Our creative team brings proven and tested Interior designing and commercial space decoration experience right to your doorstep.

Way of Working:

Our great team and a pool of happy customers is what we strive day-in day-out to make happy. Not only this, our expertise and capabilities in the commercial and industrial verticals is commendable which makes us a winning commercial space planners and designers in Mumbai.

Hassle Free Solution:

No monotonic and Herculean design decisions will have to be required of you to spend hundreds of hours and countless days by you. Our design team would make sure we filter only the right designs which resonate with your expectations and personality.

24x7 customer support:

Our Support team is available 24x7 to your service

Just the right interior designing and commercial architect team to get you away from the hassles and overwhelm of choosing the right designs for your office and home space.

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